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What are your thoughts on our higher education system?

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Do you think there should be more funding for schools?

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What kind of Tranportation would you like to see in Greater Mankato?

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What do you think about the current state of Education in Greater Mankato?

November 30, 2010 1 comment

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What do you think… Take our survey listed below

Although the recount for the Minnesota Governors race has yet to be completed, Mark Dayton’s transitional office has reached out to us to gain input from the business community. They indicate this outreach is the beginning of an ongoing conversation they would like to have with the business community about the future of Minnesota, and they will be seeking input and further discussions on important issues such as economic growth and job creation. Currently, they are looking for ideas for candidates and input on qualifications for the following senior leadership posts:  Department of Employment and Economic Development, Commissioner of Finance, Department of Transportation, Commerce Commissioner, Revenue Commissioner, Budget and Management Commissioner.  If you have ideas for candidates, or thoughts about the qualifications you feel are important to certain posts, send them to Robin Sternberg, Dayton Transition Outreach Coordinator, by the end of the week. For more information, visit the Dayton Transition Website.



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